Al Quds Underground Festival 2011

Third edition of Al Quds Underground! From 20 till 22 October in the Old City of Jerusalem. Dutch and Palestinian artists will perform living rooms and other private spaces.

The Al Quds Underground Festival is based on a unique concept that brings audience and artists to the most interesting locations of the historic Old Town of Jerusalem:

As a member of the audience, you are guided through the small alleys and stairs to several hidden places where you are welcomed by the residents and witness a short art performance, theatre play or piece of music.

It’s an intense and direct way to experience the Old City, to connect with its residents and to perceive the narratives and reflextions of artists on the “Jerusalem-behind-the-scenes”.

The aim is to diminish the distance between Westerners and Palestinians, and to stimulate culture in places that are suffering from conflict and political tension. Bursting straight through the blazing noise of fanatics, talking heads and political leaders, Al Quds Underground brings an intimate and personal sound from person to person, from heart to heart.

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