About Al Quds Underground

Dutch and Palestinian artist create intimate shows of music, theatre, video and photography

It is rare to experience intimate concerts and theatre pieces in a private living room. The festival Al Quds Underground brings you to beautiful hidden locations and personal encounters with the cultural diversity of Arab Jerusalem.

From Holland, singers, theatre makers, actors, composers and other artists work together with Palestinian collegues. They create shows of 10 minutes. The audience is guided to visit 4 small shows and one big finale in one evening. In total about 150 performances will take place in the most unique locations.

By adopting this strategy, these artists create space for cultural expression that has been often denied to the many minority groups living in Jerusalem.

Through art, stories, films and video portraits, the festival intents to create the opportunity for outsiders to become acquainted with a city that normally remains hidden behind walls and doors.

Access to the festival is on invitation only. Through personal networks a local audience will be invited to go to each performance in small groups. The audience will get the chance to make real contact with the city and the people who live there. Behind every door lies hidden, unexpected treasure.

Each festival day closes with the "Finale", a public show in the beautiful open air space of the Centre of Jerusalem Studies in Souq al Qataneen.

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